Week of variety – less can be more

This week was a really cool mix of very different trainings. Wednesday I did a short but challenging interval with really fast 750m intervals and only short breaks in between – very intense! Friday was the longest run so far with more than 33k – only 9 k missing for the big goal. And Sunday was the Spartan training day. As you might know I am also doing the Spartan race this year in Munich. It was time to get started with the training for this one as well and so we had a tough and muddy training on Sunday: 1km slow running followed by an exercise, by another 1km running and so on. In total we did 90 burpees (combination of squad, push-up and jump), 30 jumping squads, 30 jumping lunges and 30m of crawling through the mud. Wow – I feel every single muscle now!! So in total I did only 54km but it felt very intense and I am kind of proud of myself 🙂

My training this week (Total: 54.2 km)

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 7.41km easy run in 39:17
Wednesday: 6.21 interval run in 31:08
Thursday: rest
Friday: 33.13km long and steady run in 3:07:43
Saturday: core training
Sunday: 7.45km Spartan training with burpees, squads, lunges, mud crawling


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