Two weeks through the plan and feeling great!

Week number 2 is done! It was a great experience and the long run yesterday was really fun so Flo and I did run a bit more than the planned 17k. The weather was fantastic and I still love the area – it’s so motivating running through the fields with view at Mt. Blanc. What a gift to live here! Today I feel a bit tired which might be the result of partying all night yesterday. But Tuesday is the next run – yes! And you can keep me motivated: Sponsor my race for a good cause!

Here the overview of week two (Total distance: 42.4k – wow, in a few weeks I have to run all this at once):

Monday: Rest
Tuesday: Longer run, 11.1k
Wednesday: Easy run, 7.1k
Thursday: Core training
Friday: Fartlek run, 5.5k
Saturday: Long run, 18.7k
Sunday: Rest


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