Seoul and spring time running

After my Tuesday run in Seoul in the cold, today was the first real spring run. It was beautiful outside with 15°C and sunshine. It was wonderful to run today. And I tried to optimise my running style which was hard but seem to be a huge improvement in terms of efficiency. Thanks to the advice of my friend and coach Florian, I increased my cadence substantially (155 instead of 130 steps per minute). It feels a bit weird as you have to do very small steps but it seems to work. Nonetheless, the run was hard today. I did only 29.4k but was so exhausted at the end. I could not even complete the full 30k. But it was the 2nd fasted long run I did ever and so maybe there is a good reason to feel tired. But it’s still a long way to go for the marathon!

My training this week (total distance: 51.2 km)

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 8.4 km Fartlek run in 44:10
Wednesday: rest
Thursday: 13.4 steady run in 1:08:34
Friday: rest
Saturday: rest
Sunday: 29.4 km long run in 2:40:26


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