New personal record: my fastest half marathon

This week was the last training week before the tapering begins (as I also just learned, tapering is the recovery phase at the end of the marathon training). My total distance went already down to 47k but the three runs were speedy ones. And I am really proud that I managed to run a half marathon today in 1h40. This is 25 min faster than my first half marathon in 2012. This is measurable progress over the past 4 years! Of course I will not run the marathon with the same speed. My mission for May 8t remains to finish below 4 hours. Today was an important test for my fitness level and it seems to be good. I also added an additional focus on more core strengths training to support the long run with sufficient muscles.

My training week (total: 47 km)

Monday: 15 min core training
Tuesday: 12.1 km long run in 1:00:22
Wednesday: 60 min Les Mills BodyCombat
Thursday: rest
Friday: 13.6 km Fartlek run in 1:12:07
Saturday: 20 min core training
Sunday: 21.4 km long (fast) run in 1:41:20


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