Motor Bike

I did it! Just before I turned 40 I bought myself a motor bike, a beautiful Honda NC750X. I never considered the idea until just one year ago when I got a Honda SH125 scooter for my new way to work at CERN. This was a marker in my life. I never expected riding on a motorised two-wheel to be so much fun. It is more ecological and you are even much faster than with the car as you can use some short cuts during traffic jams. But I quickly grew out of the scooter. So after only one year (and 10,000 km) I was looking for a “real” bike!

I read tons of articles about a good motor bike for a beginner about handling tips, price stability, service intervals etc. I talked with some friends that ride a bike and I even asked my dad who was a enthusiastic biker when he was younger. Just after I finally decided that a NC 750X is the right model for me Honda announced a facelift for 2016. I wanted a used one but there was not much supply any longer especially as I wanted to buy one in black or white and I wanted some accessories. But finally I found this little white beauty at Bugnon Motos in Chêne-Bougeries. Nor I am a proud owner of a Honda NC 750X SD in white. This is a 745cc enduro bike with 55 hp and dual clutch transmission (automatic) and it came with almost all accessories you can think of.


It is so much more fun to ride a motor bike compared to the scooter. And funny enough I feel even much saver, too. Especially for me as a beginner the NC is really easy to ride, very stable in turns and with the automatic gearbox it is as simple to drive as my old scooter. The same time it is much heavier and more powerful. So the first time I turned on the engine and pulled out the throttle I was really shocked by the power it brings and how sensitive the engine reacts. So it was practice time to quickly get rid of the little blue “L” at the back (which means in Switzerland you have a learners license). And this was not so easy than I thought. The first exam I failed because I did not manage to slowly and straight through a narrow passage with a 45° turn at the end. Before the second exam I was so  terribly nervous that I did not sleep for several days. But all went well at the end and 5 months after starting to ride the motor bike I got my proper A license. Now it’s time for fun…

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Four wheels move the body. Two wheels move the soul.