Yes – unbelievable but I finished the marathon. But let’s start from the beginning: Yesterday was the final day of a 16 week training plan. My worst case scenario was a sunny and warm day. I hate to run in the heat and my body reacts strangely if it is above 20°C. Guess what – it was a bright and sunny day with already 18° when we started. Unfortunately, the start for the marathon was rather late at 9:45 in the morning. So it was certain that we have to run over midday – no clouds at the bright blue sky.

It got warmer and warmer and we decided early to change strategy: Stop at every feed station and drink as much as we can. Thanks to the organisers that they had such a great and frequent supply of all we needed. Still – it was okay for now. We passed KM12, 13, 14 quite quickly. But it seems we were running away from Geneva. This was the f***ng wrong direction the course led us! Okay, overall the run went quite well and according to plan up to the semi-marathon. We crossed the 21k line after 1h55, exactly as planned. We used every little bit of shade we could get but so far all was good. It got harder and harder! At KM 30 after a rather long 6k part (it felt like 10k) without a feed station I started to feel unwell and was close to give up. A few people had collapsed already on the track. My running mate Florian got cramps and so we decided to reduce speed. Now the goal was to finish no matter at what time. After looking at my Runtastic profile I realised that my heart beat was above 160 bpm all the time until then and this probably explains the stress level my body felt. As I said – I hate running in the heat (and my definition of heat starts rather low when it comes to running).

There was a great (but too short) moment when we were running through the tunnel in Vésenaz. It was so nice and cold down there, but only for about 350m. Then the sun was back and so was the pain. Only 7k to go, just try to get to the next feed station and then to the next…. Finally, we managed to fight our pain and YES – WE DID IT. After 4h 05min 28sec we crossed the finish line extremely happy and exhausted. It was a strange combination of feelings and I was not really myself for about 30 min but how cares. My first (and only) marathon!! Apparently, we still did quite well despite the fact that we planned to finish 20 min faster. I came in #727 out of 1,475 finishers and apparently almost 2,000 runners started the marathon. So yes – we were in the top half of the field!




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