First accident on the bike taught me a lesson

Break handleIt started snowing today over lunch. It was not predicted and so I came with the motor bike this morning. I wanted to drive home over lunch before it’s getting more dangerous on the streets. Well – what shall I say: I learned today that the motorbike (especially for a beginner like me) is very hard to control on fresh, slightly melting snow. I managed to stop the first time even though I could only very, very carefully use the breaks. But when trying to start again the bike just slipped away and felt on the right side. F**k!

Luckily, the snow helped a bit and I am 100% okay. But the bike got its first scratches on the exhaust, mirror and crash bar and the break handle broke. Good to have the crash bar though as it protected very well the engine. So at the end, not too bad overall and I will think twice the next time I plan to drive on snow.


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