Celebrating halftime in Seoul

This week was the middle of my training plan. In 8 weeks from now I have hopefully finished the marathon. Today I was running in Seoul and enjoyed a nice recreational area along the Han river. There were hundreds of Korean runners and cyclists using the paved ways (strictly separated between them) and I felt in really good company.

It was recovery time with only 42k this week and I believe this was needed. I feel really strong again and ready to attack week 9 with some long runs again. And another thing happened this week: I finally officially registered to the Geneva Marathon and paid the bill – I guess this is the point of no return.

My training this week (in total 41.9 km)

Monday: rest
Tuesday: 6.9 km interval run in 34:17
Wednesday: 12.6 km long and steady in 1:08:59
Thursday: rest
Friday: core training
Saturday: 11.9 km easy run in 1:03:22
Sunday: 10.5 km easy run in 52:06


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