This is the private website of Alex Kohls with info about what I do and what I like.


Welcome to my private website. These pages are about me, my work and my favourite activities. This is as much as I want to share publicly. You wanna know more about me? Write me an e-mail or connect with me on Facebook!


After being a total clod in all kind of sports as a child, I recently discovered that it can be quite some fun. I really like running, riding my bicycle and occasionally I do short distance triathlons. In 2016 I plan for my first marathon! And of course this is also about scuba diving and skiing.


I started playing the piano when I was six years old. After a couple of years I realised that playing an instrument is really cool. Now I am part of a rock band and its great. I feel like an aged rock-star when performing live and people sing along to a song I wrote.

Motor Bike

To buy a motor bike might be the first sign of a midlife crisis. But I still love it! After riding on a scooter for a year I bought myself a Honda NC750X – a real beauty. So I improve every day my riding skills as the mountain roads are waiting for me.

a little about..

Alex Kohls

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My name is Alex, I am originally from Dresden, Germany. 12 years ago, my wife and I moved to Geneva in Switzerland and we felt in love with this wonderful region between the Jura, the Lake Geneva and the Alps. That’s what we call ‘home’ now and where we enjoy life with our two lovely cats Ronya and Silas. My pages are about my favourite sports such as cross-fit, running or scuba diving, about my band Waitlist and my motor bike as well as my life at CERN.

My recent posts

PADI IE certificate

The world has a new scuba diving instructor!

Finally! I spent two months in Thailand to kick off my second (or actually third) career. I wanted to become...

Erste Ausfahrt ins Jura

Erste Ausfahrt ins Jura

Heute hatte ich eine erste richtige Ausfahrt mit dem Motorrad mit einem befreundeten NC Fahrer aus Lausanne. Wir sind ins...

Waitlist plays at Mr. Pickwick

If you’re living in Geneva, you know Mr. Pickwick! That’s THE pub in Geneva and there forever (in the eyes...

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